Creating The Part in Soilidworks

The completed part will be circular. However, the sketch is that of (½) of the transverse section of the entire component. Accordingly, select the line function to draw this section.

Create The Profile

Begin at the origin and (WITHOUT DRAWING A LINE) move along the horizontal axis a small undefined distance as shown. Next draw a backward “7” or upside down “L” as shown in figure 6.

Creating The Part in SoilidworksFig. 2-1

Now, by selecting any two references points established on the drawing, one can now easily dimension the component to the desired specifications. Using smart dimension, you may now complete the process by sizing the dimensions of the cross-section to the values shown in fig. 7. Remember to save the sketch periodically through out the drawing process. Notice that each dimension is given in millimeters. To enter values in inches, simply enter the numerical value followed by in, the conversion is automatic.

Creating The Part in Soilidworks1Fig. 2-2

Create The 3-D Part

The center line is the reference line that will be used to revolve the entire cross-sectional sketch forming a3-Dpart. From the Features menu, select the revolved boss/base option. The resulting revolved cut is shown in figure 8.

Creating The Part in Soilidworks2Fig. 2-3

Be certain to click on “selected contours”, as this will determine whether the part is solid or hollow. Since line 1, (center line) is the axis of revolution, no change is necessary under revolve parameters. You must designate the contour of revolution as shown in figure 9. Verify the cut is 360 degrees, one direction, and then click enter or the green check mark. Figure 10 represents the basic 3-D component.

Creating The Part in Soilidworks3Fig. 2-4

Creating The Part in Soilidworks4Fig. 2-5

Now by exploring the various viewing options contained in the tool bar, one may view the component from any desired orientation. (See figure 11)

Creating The Part in Soilidworks5

Fig. 2-6