Creating The Retaining Tabs in Soilidworks

Retaining  Tabs

Tabs are required to hold the component firm during the milling process. These tabs must be durable enough to support the weight of the part, as well as, resist the cutting forces applied by the milling machine. However, once the milling process is finished these tabs must be removed without damaging the part or obstructing its function. Begin by selecting the top view from the upper toolbar. The various viewing options are shown as cubes with highlighted faces to depict each surface. Next, click on the face of circular region shown in the top view. Figure 12 details the colored shading that occurs when the surface is selected.

Creating The Retaining Tabs in SoilidworksFig. 3-1

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Creating The Part in Soilidworks

The completed part will be circular. However, the sketch is that of (½) of the transverse section of the entire component. Accordingly, select the line function to draw this section.

Create The Profile

Begin at the origin and (WITHOUT DRAWING A LINE) move along the horizontal axis a small undefined distance as shown. Next draw a backward “7” or upside down “L” as shown in figure 6.

Creating The Part in SoilidworksFig. 2-1

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SolidWorks 2013 Part I – Basic Tools Part 2

Adding Geometric Relations*:

- Click Add Relation SolidWorks 2013  Part I - Basic Tools 1 under Display/Delete Relations – OR – select Tools / Relations / Add.

SolidWorks 2013  Part I - Basic Tools 1-1

- Select the 4 lines shown below.

- Click EQUAL from the Add Geometric Relation dialog box. This relation makes the length of the two selected lines equal.

* Geometric relations are one of the most powerful features in Solid Works. They’re used in the sketch level to control the behaviors of the sketch entities when they are moved or rotated and to keep the associations between one another. Continue reading…

Drawing Setup IN Creating A Part In Solidworks


Begin the tutorial by opening SolidWorks and selecting “new” from the “file” menu. Notice that “part” designatesa3-Drepresentation of a single design component.


Click on the sketch icon and select a plane of reference as shown in figure1. The box on the left hand side of the drawing has selection options. For the purpose of this part select the front plane. Notice in figure 2 that once the plane has been selected the origin remains visible, and the screen appears blank.